Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mutant and Proud - Lesson from X-Men

I went to watch X-Men, First Class today. It is an amazing movie. I am not a fan of movies showing people with special powers however I thouroughly enjoyed this one. However, this blog is not a review of the movie but a lesson of life which I absorbed from it.

There was a frequent line in the movie "Mutant and Proud" . The special humans felt out of place in this world so Professor X told them that they should accept the fact that they are different and be proud about it.

"Mutant and Proud" forced me to ponder. How many times in life we aspire to be somebody different ? How many times we try hard to be the other person, smart guy, handsome man, successful businessman, movie star, the face everybody knows ??!!! Each and every moment of our life is spent in becoming bigger and better. In this race to mutate ourselves we have forgotten that we are special too in our ownselves. We have to be special as we are God's gift. We too have qualities which are unique to us and need to be celebrated and appreciated. We too have the X factor just that it is not identified or not appreciated in a bid to become somebody else.

It is always good to improve but not at the expense of ourselves. We should always love ourselves the way we are, be proud of it and assimilate qualities which make us better and not different !

So next time whenever you feel an urge to copy somebody, just remember that you are losing yourself.

As for me, I will try to arrange the other parts of X-Men series and enjoy them !!!

"Mutant and Proud"

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